Today is the day

Here I am, again. I have played this game of having a blog before, and ended up having to close it because of lack of attention. And so, over a long time I lived resembling to that old adage you must know: ”The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot”. Yeah, and I bet that most web developers also suffers from this evil.

A big question I had was what I supposed to talk about in my blog. I was always divided between talk about my personal life or talk about the web and the things around it. I’ve even had the bad idea to do it mixed. And to be honest, which greatly boosted the making of this little space was the fact that I have founded a blog with my fellow Caio Gondim to talk about the world of web development – Loop Infinito (brazilian portuguese) –, this way I kind of got rid of this tech ghost haunting me whenever I thought about the blog.

Taking the cue, I would like to congratulate Caio about the launch of his blog (also today). We finally did it man, cheers! Today is THE day.

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